Web designer

First, we need to learn some Basic HTML.

This is an h2 Heading

Headings define the outline of your site. There are six levels of Headings


This is how to make an unordered list

This is what an ordered list looks like:

  1. Now we use "ol" tags
  2. But, still use "li" tags for each item
  3. Note the list is now numbered
  4. And the precise order should be of importance

Inline Elements

Sometimes, you need to draw attention to a particular phrase (Sometimes was wrapped in "em" tags.)

And sometimes you need to shout!

And sometimes you need to shout!

Empty Elements

I put lots of spaces and a line break in this text

But see how it appears when rendered

Here i generate a line break
using empty element "br" tag

And finally a "hr"

p.s.This is very plain. We need to fix it with CSS